27 March 2015

OS Detection

Recently, we added the Windows 8.1 operating system to the company domain. I ran into the problem of deploying Adobe Flash Player to these systems because the ActiveX does not get installed. The issue came up in SCCM where I needed a detection method for the OS using file, registry, or product ID. I needed a way to detect the plugin and windows 8.1 to be able to validate a successful deployment. This gave me the idea to write a powershell script to place a file in the windows directory that is named for the operating system that is running. It makes for easy OS detection in SCCM for future deployments.

You can download the link from here.

   Operating System  
   This script will detect what operating system is installed  
   and write a file named for that OS to the windows directory.  
   powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file OperatingSytem.ps1  
 $OS = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName .  
 Switch ($OS.Version) {  
      5.0.2195 {New-Item -Name "Windows 2000" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      5.1.2600 {New-Item -Name "Windows XP" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      5.2.3790 {New-Item -Name "Windows XP 64-Bit" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.0.6000 {New-Item -Name "Windows Vista" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.0.6001 {New-Item -Name "Windows Vista SP1" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.0.6002 {New-Item -Name "Windows Vista SP2" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.1.7600 {New-Item -Name "Windows 7" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.1.7601 {New-Item -Name "Windows 7 SP1" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.2.9200 {New-Item -Name "Windows 8" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}  
      6.3.9600 {New-Item -Name "Windows 8.1" -Path $env:windir -ItemType File}