17 July 2017

MDT: Executing an application multiple times in a task sequence

Recently, I published a new script that updates all of the Dell drivers on a system automatically. I wanted the script to execute twice in the task sequence with a reboot in between executions. This is so if some drivers or apps do not install the first try due to conflicts with another installation, they will install on the second try.

The first thing I tried was entering the execution as an application and putting the App install in the task sequence twice. During the build, the application would only install once. The second time it skipped over it. To accomplish this, I ended up using a Run Command Line to execute the application more than once and it worked. So if you need to execute an application more than once, use the Run Command Line to do so. 


  1. You can use chocoaltey.org to install a basic apps during deployment with sccm or MDT or manually in my blog I have a few post http://blogs.itpro.es/octaviordz